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The Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC) is a council of governments representing cities and counties in northwest Colorado including the counties of Mesa, Garfield, Rio Blanco and Moffat.

The mission of the AGNC is to communicate with, inform, and reflect the needs of its members and promote the values, industries and economies of Northwest Colorado.  To carry out our mission, AGNC conducts the following activities:

1.  Proactively pursues agreements between municipal and county governments in order to advance, educate, promote and negotiate positions at the state and federal level that will protect the character and development of the region represented.

2.  Provides forums for education, discussion and collaborative decision-making for its members on regional and national issues.

3.  Assists the member’s development and organizational goals and strategies.

4.  Initiates efforts to identify and efficiently utilize the resources in Northwestern Colorado for the benefit of the region and its citizens.

5.  Continually monitors its member needs to determine the appropriate level and variety of services to be provided.

6.  Continues its effective leadership to promote strong governmental relations on issues facing the region by maintaining a candid and open relationship with each of its members, state and federal lawmakers and state and federal agencies.

Councils of Government (COGs) are voluntary associations of local governments formed under Colorado law. Councils of government serve as a forum for local governments to identify regional issues and opportunities, develop strategies, and provide a more consolidated system to provide oversight of various regional programs. Regional services offered by councils of governments are varied. Services are undertaken in cooperation with member governments, the private sector, and state and federal partners.

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AGNC 9th Annual Economic Development Summit – Pathways to Prosperity

AGNC 9th Annual Economic Development Summit – Pathways to Prosperity

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