Contribution Projects


An enterprise zone contribution project needs to:

  • support the documented economic development goals for the enterprise zone
  • link to job creation and retention and/or business expansion in the broader enterprise zone (not only at the project organization)
  • have support from the enterprise zone administrator and community

These are the Active Contribution Projects in the Northwest Enterprise Zone that you may consider investing in:

For a list of the Contribution Projects in Mesa County please visit the Mesa County Enterprize Zone’s webpage, hosted by the Business Incubator Center, at:


Project types

Generally, contribution projects are either capital campaigns and operations projects. If a project does not match the types below, the project may still be eligible if it supports specific and documented economic development objectives for the enterprise zone.

Capital campaign projects

Capital campaign projects encourage public/private partnerships, raise money for a specific capital project to serve the broader community, and begin construction or implementation within five years. Capital campaign project categories are:

  • community facilities
  • workforce housing
  • tourist attractions
  • infrastructure

Operations projects

Operations projects fund new economic activity in the enterprise zone to achieve near-term goals. Operations project categories include:

  • business assistance
  • economic development organizations
  • job training programs
  • visitor events/attractions
  • healthcare

Social services are not typically eligible for contribution project status because they do not achieve near-term economic development goals. These include:

  • education
  • food subsidies and food banks
  • child care and youth activities
  • eldercare
  • homeless prevention
  • most human services
  • animal shelters and humane societies