Rural Jump-Start 

The Rural Jump-Start Program helps economically distressed communities attract new businesses and jobs. Counties, municipalities, and higher education institutions work together to apply for this program.

When a community is a designated rural jump-start zone, new businesses can receive incentive payments and tax relief including credits, exemptions, and refunds from:

  • state income tax
  • state sales and use tax
  • county and municipal personal property taxes

Employees of new businesses receive a tax credit for 100% of state income taxes on their wages for work in the rural jump-start zone.

The Rural Jump-Start Program began in January 2016 and will accept applications through December 31, 2025.

The following counties within our region are part of the Rural Jump-Start Program:


For more information about the Rural Jump-Start Program, go to the Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s (OEDIT) website at